Christmas at 7222, Vol. 1

by Stephanie Gayle

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Verse It’s Christmas Eve and I barely slept a wink, hanging with my cousins as we lay around and think... what kind of presents we have under the tree. Wonder- ing if Mama Santa got the good toys for me. We in the late night watching “Home Alone” and “The Christmas Story”, even when we were grown. It’s tra- dition living in the house where I am, and in the morning, we ‘gon rock to our Christmas jams. Hook Nothing like being home and we’re channeling yuletide, singing songs with the family. Everybody’s in my house tonight, and we’re gonna do this Christmas right. Snow covers everything in the neighborhood. And in the air is the smell of the firewood. Good vibes in the house tonight, and we’re gonna do this Christmas right. Verse 2 Christmas morning’s are the best, no lie. Mama’s cooking in the kitchen with the tunes on high. Records playing on the radio, providing the sounds of The Whispers, The Jacksons, and yes, Chuck Brown. Relatives pouring in, ready to eat. We got that turkey with the stuffing, collard greens, and beets (yuck!), honey-glazed ham, mac and cheese and such. We gather ‘round and give thanks for providing so much. (Amen and A- she) Hook Breakdown Hook
My Only Wish 03:42
Verse I woke up on Christmas Day in my bed, all alone. No one laying beside me now. No one to call my own. What’s the point of looking under the Christmas tree, When the gift I truly want’s not there? She’s on the other side of town without me. I wonder if she even cares? Hook My only wish for Christmas is that you come back to we can live life together forever and eternal- ly. Verse 2 What happened to the love we had? We made such a lovely pair. Somehow it faded along the way and I’d like to know when and where. Last Christmas, we were in each other’s arms cradled in a warm embrace. This year, all that’s left is the bitter cold. A loveless shell of an empty space. Hook Bridge When you left me standing here with this aching void in my soul, time stopped and the world stood still. I fell apart and I lost all control. What can I do, baby girl to get you back into my world? Honey, can’t you see? You’re everything that I need. Hook 2 So, that’s my only wish for Christmas this year. To have, to hold, and to love you, my dear. I wanna make love to you by the Christmas tree. Confess all the love I feel inside. ‘Cause from you, baby, I have nothing to hide. But, this is all wishful thinking from a fool like me.
The Gift Of Giving Verse ‘Tis the season for every- one to share. When the world seems like it’s a lonely place, be the one to step up and be there. No one is an island, so we shouldn’t have to feel that way. Giving a helping hand, can make a difference to another one’s day. I think about my mom and dad, willing to give what little they had, just to put a smile on a face. That’s a feeling money can’t replace. Now I’m grown and I understand what it means to help my fellow man. Pay it forward every chance I can, because the plan’s to make a better land. So this season... Hook Give all you can. Love with your heart. When it’s returned, well there’s no greater feeling. When one gives love, then ten give more. Look what you’ve done. That’s the gift for the giving. Troi’s Verse I love spending time with family - let’s fill this place with love. We’re making new memories while the children play games and have fun. Visits from out of town, singing and making joyful sounds. Everybody gather round for this gift we have found in one another, having love for each other. It's that wonderful time of year, when we gather with our near and dear. Spreading love, happiness, and cheer - that's a message that we all can share. Now I'm grown and I understand what it means to help my fellow man. Pay it forward every chance I can, because the plan’s to make a better land. So this season...


This is the first volume of original holiday songs composed, written, and performed by Stephanie Gayle. The EP features members of Stephanie's family (Arren Raa, Troi, and Uncle Willis) and a special appearance from Bop Alloy.


released December 13, 2019

All songs written, produced, and performed by Stephanie Gayle. "Walk Into The New Year Like..." produced by Marcus D.


all rights reserved



Stephanie Gayle Brooklyn, New York

Maryland-born Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Fine Artist who currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. She has worked with artists such as Substantial and Marcus D (Bop Alloy), Mr. SOS, Tonedeff, PackFM, CunninLynguists, KIN4LIFE, Inverse, Naturel, and a host of others, just to name a few. Visit for more info. ... more

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